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Artwork Upload
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Artwork being supplied?

Step 1 - Create your purchase of wanted 'Hardware & Graphics'
Step 2 - Create your artwork in PDF file format (Not to exceed 2GB of data)
Step 3 - Save your PDF file onto your own computer desktop, then
Step 4 - Open the below given link

Press this PDF file Image =

Step 5 - Once opened, add our email address -
Step 6 - Locate your saved file and 'Drag and Drop' to the opened program
Step 7 - Repeat for other files, once again - do not exceed a total of 2GB file allowance
Step 8 - Add your own email address
Step 9 - Add a message - always add your full address + landline telephone number

When completed 'Press the Send Button'

What we do with the received file:
1. We check that the artwork is suitable
2. Assuming artwork is OK - We run to print and keep you updated by email / telephone
3. If un-acceptable, we will email / call you with possible solutions
4. Finer details can be found in the 'More Info' page

The Print:
1. We print your graphic print onto a Hi Res printed Graphic Panel (Light stop Polyester) + Scratch resistant + Laminate applied
2. If a Roller Banner Cassette is also ordered we apply to the cassette and send complete
3. If a full Pop Up display is ordered, we also apply 'Headers & Kickers & Magtape Strips'
4. If a wrap around graphic is ordered, we also apply Velcro connections
5. If flags are also ordered, we supply all hardware and graphics together
6. If graphics are only required, we print the graphics only, additional items are not supplied with the graphic unless ordered

Popular Question 1:
1. We are not 100% sure if the artwork is correct - can you help us?
2. Yes - just send the artwork that you have and we will advice on any alterations necessary

Popular Question 2:
1. I have no artwork - can you design for us?
2. Yes - However; there is an additional charge, normally £30+vat per hour pending on the work involved
3. Call us for a chat on Tel: 0845 1080047 or 01244 376109

Popular Question 3:
1. How long will it be before we are supplied the finished graphic?
2. This is pending on the artwork supplied plus the items ordered
3. Roller Banner Graphics - 2 to 3 working days
4. Pop Up Graphics - 2 to 3 working days
5. Wrap Around Graphics - 2 to 3 working days
6. Flags - 3 to 4 working day (pending on the work involved)

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