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(Premium) - Event Cupboard - 2

Reference number: PREM-2

(Premium) - Event Cupboard - 2
Exhibition Cupboard - Choice 2Exhibition Cupboard - Choice 2Exhibition Cupboard - Choice 2 - Sizes

1,600.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Availability: In stock

(Premium) - Event Cupboard - 2

Perfect Secure Exhibition Event product......

Clients wanting an exhibition storage cupboard that can be locked and possible advertising material also used upon it - Here it is

Clients can either assemble and leave assembled or erected as and when required - of course the latter option also takes up less storage space - Lockable Door allows for extra peace-of-mind. The frame is made from square aluminium & 8mm thick plastic panels Slotted into the grooves of these profiles.

1. Exhibition Cupboard
2. Overall Size = H2300 x W1110 x D1110mm
3. Includes 1x Lockable Door
4. Posters / Advertising can be added - recommend = Adhesive vinyl's
5. Postage £24.99 and transit times: made to order, allow 2 to 3 weeks
6. Costs = RRP - £2,000 - However; Offered at = £1,600

1. Assemble and move between events
2. Assemble when actual at the event - takes no more than 30 minutes!

The Print: We print your graphic print onto a Hi Res printed Graphic Panel (Light stop Polyester) + Scratch resistant + Laminate applied + Fitted to your chosen cassette (IF Ordered) - Graphic is top quality thus you will become a repeat client

Artwork being supplied?
A. Create your purchase
B. Send your finished Artwork (Graphic Design) to info@ukexhibition.co.uk
C. Mention in the email subject box - "Graphic design and your "unique order reference"
D. Design Format required: We can accept the following file formats = Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF, EPS, TIFF, PICT, JPEG.
E. If we have any concerns, then you will be the first to hear
F. Finally, processing time is normally 2 to 3 days however; we will always keep you updated by email or telephone

I need my artwork designed - can you help?
Yes, this is no problem, just follow these easy ordering steps:
1. Call 0845 1080047
2. You will need to purchase a graphic print and the desired cassette
3. Artwork design does add a further £30 to the costs - charged at point of order / telephone call
4. Please ensure you give us a good landline telephone number within your order
5. Our design team will call to arrange a design consultation that is suitable for you

While you are waiting - Here are some crucial tips:

Tip 1: Design service is 1hr, this sounds long however; it will soon go by if you have no idea what you want so...
Tip 2: Before the telephone call, have very good ideas what you want from the finished
Tip 3: Telephone / Fax or lots of text - will your telephone or fax or text change in the future?
Tip 4: Images are 'King' the sharper the image the more you will attract the viewer to you
Tip 5: Additional information can be hand-outs so, do not load your graphic with to much text
Tip 6: Design to Shine Banners are created to say "Look at me"
Tip 7: If you can't capture the client in a 2 second glance then re-think your planned design
Tip 8: Ask your staff or better still your customers for ideas - Remember the best ideas always come from the floor!

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