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Formulate Triple Arch

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Formulate Triple Arch
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1,500.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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Formulate "TRIPLE 6M ARCH"

The Formulate Triple 6M Arch, The cavernous structure comprising of "Three (x3) 6M wide ribs. Eye catching and unique, this is an exhibition stand, which is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly fast to assemble. Simply connect the lightweight 32mm aluminium tubes and slip over the extra durable, stretchy graphics to create the stand.

Measurements (Outer):
3x Outer Panels - Including Bleed = W1200mm x H6875mm
Finished Size = W1000mm x H6695mm
Visible Area = W990mm x H6685mm

Measurements (Inner):
3x Inner Panels - Including Bleed = W1200mm x H6875mm
Finished Size = W1000mm x H6695mm
Visible Area = W990mm x H6685mm


Option 1: = Hardware Only = £1,500
Option 2: = Hardware + Single-Side Graphics = £3,000

Action = If Double-Sided Graphics are Wanted = Tel: 01244 371443

Sizes & Graphic Details =

*Artwork Completed?
Step 1 - Create your purchase
Step 2 - Open "Related Product" and use the handy file for sending artwork
Step 3 - Once artwork has been received, we will advice that all is OK
Step 4 - Assuming all is OK - Expect delivery within 5x working days (approx)

1. Postage is £50 - see 'More Info'

UK Postage: -
1. Covers the following areas only: Mainland England + Wales + Scotland
2. Other locations? = Please call for unique posting costs
3. Tel: 01244 470903

Can we send Worldwide? -
1. Yes - send an email
2. Email details found here = (Open Contact Us Page)
3. Tell us = The website number + amounts + full address + If graphics are wanted
4. We will respond to your email with full costs

Bacs Payment? -
1. Yes - Call us for a chat - Tel: 01244 470903
2. When calling mention the website reference number
3. We will then, send you our invoice for rapid Bacs settlement
4. Sorry but, an Order is only an Order on Full advance payment
5. Why is this? - Order is made to each and every unique order!

Graphics? -
1. Graphics ARE Included - However:
2. Graphic Artwork will be required from the client
3. Graphic details are found on the description page + supplied PDF file

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