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A0 Compact Portrait (1 Pocket)

Reference number: CompactA0Px1

A0 Compact Portrait (1 Pocket)
A1 Portrait Compact Acrylic 1x A1LED Suspended DisplaysLED Displays -Magnetic-Strip Explanation

500.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Availability: In stock

A0 Portrait LED Display - 'Compact Range'

1. Looking to create a "Very Dramatic Graphic Advert" in your windows?
2. A0 LED is the best result!

1. A0 LED Panels are Very Large + Very Heavy
2. This is why extra side grippers are utilised - 4 of both sides!
3. This is also why Rods are utilised - see "More Info" page
4. A0 LED is also Double-sided, hence 2x adverts, Not 1

A0 Portrait LEDs (1x Pocket) = £500

1. Kit consists = 1x LED Pocket + 4x 1500mm Rods + 1x UK Power Transformer
2. Double-Sided Displays with Magnetic-Easy-Document-Fronts
3. Rod-to-LED-to-Rod = W930mm (approx)

Rods - L1500mm x 4:
1. Join 2x Rods together to create a 3M
2. Insert female end into ceiling connector (supplied)
3. Screw male end into floor connector (supplied)
4. If Rod needs reducing cut the female edn, NOT the male end!

Transit Times:
1. Please be aware that these LED Displays are made to order, allow 2 weeks for supply
2. Postage costs = £13.99 however; please refer to 'More Info' for qualifying areas

Additional Items:
1. We can created "Printed" A0 - see "Related Products"

UK Postage: -
1. Covers the following areas only: Mainland England + Wales + Scotland
2. Other locations? = Please call for unique posting costs
3. Telephone details found here = (Open Contact Us Page)

Can we send Worldwide? -
1. Yes - send an email
2. Email details found here = (Open Contact Us Page)
3 Tell us = The website number + amounts + full address
4. We will respond to your email with full costs

Bacs Payment? -
1. Yes - Call us for a chat
2. Telephone details found here = (Open Contact Us)
3. Or send an email 'purchase order'
4. Sorry but, an Order is only an Order on Full advance payment
5. Why is this? - Order is made to each and every unique order!

Discounts? -
1. Yes - Discounts are given however; on orders exceeding 2* units
2. Call us for a chat....
3. Telephone details found here = (Open Contact Us)

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