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Wall Clamps

Reference number: CLAMPS100L

Wall Clamps

7.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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Wall Clamps:

Wall Gantry Clamps are a very practical way of connecting gantry displays to a wall, they are supplied in 1" and 2" Tubing and they both provide a very good solution provider to all our clients

Recommended Wall Clamps?
This info is based on our listed gantry straights

1. 1M Straight - Recommend = 2x Wall Clamps
2. 2M Straight - Recommend = 3x Wall Clamps

Option 1 - Gantry Wall Clamps with a 1" Tube (price per unit) = £7
Option 2 - Gantry Wall Clamps with a 2" Tube (price per unit) = £10


Transit Times:
1. Transit times = Please allow 48hrs (approx)

1. Listed Posting costs (Description page) -
2. Covers the following areas only:
3. Mainland England
4. Mainland Wales
5. Lowlands of Scotland - (Glasgow + Edinburgh postcodes and all south of)

Delivery to other locations?
Yes we can arrange a delivery of a pallet service to any location in Northern Ireland / Southern Ireland / Isle Of Man and even the Channel Islands. In fact we can also arrange a delivery to the majority of the locations in the World

1. To gain your unique posting costs
2. Send an email with the website reference
3. Tell us your full delivery address
4. Please avoid PO Box addresses
5. We will reply to your email with costs
6. We will also create a unique order page within our website, this allows a quick click and purchase

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