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Inflatable - OCTAGONAL 3.0M

Reference number: INFLATE-O-3.0M

Inflatable - OCTAGONAL 3.0M
Inflatable OCTAGONAL - 3.0M - Blue LightInflatable OCTAGONAL - 3.0M -- Green LightInflatable Remote Control
Inflatable - Flat-Packed

600.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Availability: In stock

Inflatable - OCTAGONAL 3.0M

1. Black Material with unique LED Internal Lighting
2. Flat-Packed for easy transportation, spacious but yet durable
3. Requires no struggle to assemble, 2x minutes of inflation then, ready to go
4. Roomy booth allows for client to add seating, mirrors, curtain props
5. LED Light has 6x controllable colours
6. One (1) door (Not 2)

(External) = Height 3.0M x Width x 3.0M x Depth 3.0M

Perfect For:
1. Perfect for Birthdays, Corporate Events, Parties, Weddings
2. Perfect for Exhibition Changing Rooms

Postage & Lead-Time:
1. (Postage) = £25 - see - More Info Page
2. (Transit Time) - Made to order please allow 2 to 3 weeks approx!

The Print: We print your graphic print onto a Hi Res printed Graphic Panel (Light stop Polyester) + Scratch resistant + Laminate applied + We fit the rear edges of each graphic panel with 'Mag Tape, we also add 'Steel Tape' to the frame - Graphics are then attached and by magnetising together, this allows a quick on-and-off connection for all graphic panels + allow the whole unit to be fully collapsed for easy transportation between events

Hardware Only Order
A. Create your purchase - that's it

Artwork being supplied?
A. Create your purchase
B. Send your finished Artwork (Graphic Design) to info@ukexhibition.co.uk
C. Mention in the email subject box - "Graphic design and your "unique order reference"
D. Design Format required: We can accept the following file formats = Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF, EPS, TIFF, PICT, JPEG.
E. Please avoid text / images on the actual edges as we may need to reduce the edges of your design
F. If we have any concerns, then you will be the first to hear
G. Finally, allow 2 weeks (artwork acceptance + Printing + Supplying) - we will always keep you updated!

I need my artwork designed - can you help?
1. Yes, this is no problem, just follow these easy ordering steps:
2. Create your order
3. Make sure your supply a very good landline number in your order
4. We will call you to arrange a design consultation that is suitable for you
5. Artwork design does add a further £50+vat to the costs - charged at point of order
6. Finally, allow 2 weeks (artwork design + agreement + Printing + Supplying) - we will always keep you updated!

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