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Atlas Linking Cases

Reference number: ATLAS

Atlas Linking Cases
Atlas Linking CasesAtlas Linking Cases Measurements

150.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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Pegasus Case - Case Only

1. Tough + Durable Atlas which can be linked together to create a brilliant meet-and-greet-stand
2. Comes with very handy work top (4x colour choices)
3. Cases are also fully lockable

1. Case is perfect for adding graphic wrap arounds
2. Case is perfect for storing paperwork or other exhibition equipment
3. Case has wheels for very easy transportation

Option 1 - 1x Case only (No Graphic) = £150
Option 2 - 1x Case + 1x *Graphic = £250


Option 3 - 3x Cases as Shown Image (No Graphics) = £450
Option 4 - 3x Cases + 3x *Graphic = £750

Linked Cases:
1. Options 3 & 4, all the cases push together to link together
2. Then, add the supplied table top on each case
3. Then, add your graphics, if you purchase them

1. Please refer to the supplied PDF file for finer details
2. Please refer to 'More Info' page for graphic details

Postage + Transit Times:
1. (Postage) - Order costs £30 - see 'More Info' page before ordering
2. (Transit) - Please allow 2 to 3 working days

Fitting Details

1. Postage Covers the following areas only:
2. Mainland England
3. Mainland Wales
4. Lowlands of Scotland - (Glasgow + Edinburgh postcodes and all south of)

*Postage - Other Locations?
1. Yes we can arrange a delivery
2. Please call us for your unique posting costs
3. Tel: 01244 371443

Action 1 - If you create an order WITH Graphics we will require your own artwork
Action 2 - Create your purchase and gain the purchase number from your receipt
Action 3 - Now create your artwork
Action 4 - Artwork ready - send to
Action 5 - When sending clearly mention the purchase number!

*Graphics - 1x Case
1x Case = W2546mm x H861mm
Frontal section will display = W1750mm

*Graphics - 2x Cases
2x Case = W3306m x H861mm
Frontal section will display = W2040mm

*Graphics - 3x Cases
3x Cases = W4072mm x H861mm
Frontal section will display = W2510mm

1. If you plan to split the 3x cases and go to 3x events
2. Then, it would prove wise to use 1x case graphic details!

Yes we can accept a Bacs Payment (Bank Transfer)
2. Please call us with your invoice address details
3. Tel: 01244 3714432.

Popular Questions:
Q1 - Can we give discounts?
A1 - Yes, based on orders exceeding 2x units

Q2 - Does a Table Top come with the order?
A2 - NO - You need to order = website ref: Pegasus2

Q3 - Does a Graphic Print come with the order?
A3 - NO - You need to order = website ref: Pegasus3

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