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Pop-Up - TOWER

Reference number: WH321

Pop-Up - TOWER
!!<<span style='color: #000080;'>>!!Pop-Up!!<</span>>!! - !!<<span style='color: #ff0000;'>>!!TOWER!!<</span>>!! - view 1!!<<span style='color: #000080;'>>!!Pop-Up!!<</span>>!! - !!<<span style='color: #ff0000;'>>!!TOWER!!<</span>>!! - view 2!!<<span style='color: #000080;'>>!!Pop-Up!!<</span>>!! - !!<<span style='color: #ff0000;'>>!!TOWER!!<</span>>!! - view 3

450.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Availability: In stock

Pop-Up - TOWER

1. Included = Pop-Up Tower Display
2. Included = *Graphics

Pop-Up Tower + *Graphics= £450

Finer Details:
Tower Displays, are designed to catch the attention of the viewer
Tower Displays are perfect for retail outlets and Exhibition Events

(Overall) = H2265mm x D640mm at 11kgs (with graphics)

Please open 'More Info' page

£20 - see 'More Info' page for qualifying areas

Assembly Details =

*Graphics - Artwork Details:

1. Graphics are printed onto 3x PVC Panels
2. Graphics are W673mm
3. Graphics are H2019mm

4. Total Graphic Area = W2043mm x H2249mm
4. However.....
5. Total Visual Area = 3x W673mm x H2019mm

Artwork Tips:
1. Design your artwork to what is in the 'Visual Area'
2. Images are 'King' - images attract attention!
3. Try avoiding the use of telephone number (they date)
4. Try and avoid text on the joins
5. Try and avoid text top and bottom seams

Artwork Ready?
Action 1 - Create your purchase and take note of the purchase reference number
Action 2 - Send completed artwork to = info@ukexhibition.co.uk
Action 3 = When sending always supply a very good landline so, we can contact you!
Action 4 - We check the artwork is OK for print and or advice any amendments

1. Postage is to mainland England and Wales
2. Postage is to EH + G and all Lowlands of Scotland

Outside Postage Areas?
1. Please call for your own unique postage costs - 01244 371443

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