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Wheeled Storage Case

Reference number: FLC9-1

Wheeled Storage Case

500.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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Wheeled Storage Case

1. Wheeled Storage Case
2. Storage Case with 4x internal drawers
3. Storage Case helps protect and secure equipment
4. Storage Case helps ease transportation concerns

Technical Details:
1. Black Laminate Finish + Silver Metal Edges + 4x Castors (2x are braked)
2. Four (4)x Foamed Lined Draws
3. Three (3)x Draws at 440x465x120mm
4. One (1)x Draw at 440x465x230mm
5. External dimensions 530x590x910mm (inc castors)

Postage and Transit Times:
1. (Postage) = £30
2. (Transit) - Allow 1x week

The Print: We print your graphic print onto a Hi Res printed Graphic Panel (Light stop Polyester) + Scratch resistant + Laminate applied + Fitted to your chosen cassette (IF Ordered) - Graphic is top quality thus you will become a repeat client

Artwork being supplied?
A. Create your purchase
B. Send your finished Artwork (Graphic Design) to
C. Mention in the email subject box - "Graphic design and your "unique order reference"
D. Design Format required: We can accept the following file formats = Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF, EPS, TIFF, PICT, JPEG.
E. If we have any concerns, then you will be the first to hear
F. Finally, processing time is normally 2 to 3 days however; we will always keep you updated by email or telephone

I need my artwork designed - can you help?
Yes, this is no problem, just follow these easy ordering steps:
1. Call 0845 1080047
2. You will need to purchase a graphic print and the desired cassette
3. Artwork design does add a further £30 to the costs - charged at point of order / telephone call
4. Please ensure you give us a good landline telephone number within your order
5. Our design team will call to arrange a design consultation that is suitable for you

While you are waiting - Here are some crucial tips:

Tip 1: Design service is 1hr, this sounds long however; it will soon go by if you have no idea what you want so...
Tip 2: Before the telephone call, have very good ideas what you want from the finished
Tip 3: Telephone / Fax or lots of text - will your telephone or fax or text change in the future?
Tip 4: Images are 'King' the sharper the image the more you will attract the viewer to you
Tip 5: Additional information can be hand-outs so, do not load your graphic with to much text
Tip 6: Design to Shine Banners are created to say "Look at me"
Tip 7: If you can't capture the client in a 2 second glance then re-think your planned design
Tip 8: Ask your staff or better still your customers for ideas - Remember the best ideas always come from the floor!

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