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T3 WALL Lightbox (1M x 1M)

Reference number: LIGHTBOX-4

T3 WALL Lightbox (1M x 1M)
T3 Wall Lightbox - Version A - 1Mx1MT3 Wall Lightbox - Version A - Graphic DetailsT3 Wall Lightbox - Version A - Graphic Details

1,000.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Availability: In stock

T3 WALL Light Box (1M x 1M)

T3 Wall Light Box, Very Flexible, Ease of Use, Lightweight and fully Wall Mountable!

1. Supplied = T3 Wall Light Box Display at W1.0M x H1.0M
2. Supplied = 8x Connectors + 12x Beams + 2x Wall Brackets
3. Supplied = 2x LED Lights + 1x Transformer + Flex Cables
4. Supplied = All Graphic Panels

1. Artwork will be required from the client
2. PDF file and images reveal artwork specs

1. Finish product is designed to be "Wall Mounted"
2. Finished product is very easy to assemble + Very easy to transport between events
3. Once Graphics are added, the whole display Illuminates to catch clients eye-sight

Graphics + Finer Details =

Postage & Transit Times:
1. Please open the More Info' page
Main Image:
1. This reveals a W2M x H2M - not this listed 1M x 1M

Postage costs:
1. Postage costs are £25
2. Postage costs supplied are to the following areas only:
3. Mainland England + Wales
4. Lowlands of Scotland (G + EH postcodes and south of Scotland)

Other UK Postage Areas:
1. Other areas - please call 0845 1080047 for unique costs

Transit Times:
1. Guidance - Subject to artwork prove & acceptance = 1x Week (approx)

Want to pay using Bacs?
1. We can accept a Bacs payment
2. Please call us for a chat - Tel: 01244 371443
3. Basically, we send you a PDF file invoice by email
4. Your create the Bacs payment + tell us when you have completed the transfer
5. We receive funds + We reply with a 'Fully Paid Invoice'
6. Then, we start the supply process!

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