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Unique - CARLA

Reference number: CARLA

Unique - CARLA
Unique Order for CarlaUnique - CARLA - view 2

540.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Availability:OUT OF STOCK

Unique Order for 'Carla'

Size 1 'CLEAR' Raffle Drum = £540
Large = Height: 490mm x Length: 665mm x Diameter: 515mm + Volume: 103 Litres at Weight: 12kg (approx)
Legs = Order also includes supporting Legs that add a further 1M height

Carla - Wanted alterations:

Metal work is required in the colour of 'White'
Lid is also required in the colour of 'White'
Delivery on or before *Friday 20th Sept 2013.

*Date can be honoured however; IF order is created no later than today 10th Sept 2013 and before 2pm

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