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151.99 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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Unique Order for 'KAYNE'

Order Status = (COMPLETED)>! 1. Company Name = 'Taken from actual order' 2. Company Address = 'Taken from actual order' 3. Offer is open for 10x working days ======================================================== !!<Slatwall Shelf Bracket:

1. Supplied in W250mm x D100mm Trays
2. Supplied - Thirty (30x) Units
3. Finished in polished acrylic

Shoe shelves are ideal for displaying trainers, shoes on slatboard displays, they prove very easy to displaying your merchandise as they can be moved around your slatboard with ease as they have no fiddly screws, Simple click in action (takes seconds) pending on shoe / trainer size, we have listed three width options to select from

Stock Price = £4.60 per Tray x 30 x Units = £138
Postage Cost = £13.99
Total Order Costs = £151.99+vat

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2. Transit time - If ordered before today (Thursday 28th May 2015) - Delivery will be Monday 1st June 2015.
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